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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Adventure at far flung schools

CM Darlene Antonino-Custodio and Kag. Meg Santos listening to the passionate story of development and innovation from Mr. William Moraca

Who would have thought that from a far flung community in Barangay San Jose there lived a man with innovative vision and talent. A good man. A thinker.  A teacher. An innovator. Sir William Moraca. Yes! You heard it right. William Moraca is not only a resident of the said barangay, he is also the school head of Datal Salvan and Klolang Elementary Schools.

 During the regular school visit of city mayor Hon. Darlene Magnolia R. Antonino-Custodio and Committee on Education Chairperson Hon. Margareth Rose N. Santos, they met the talked about gentleman whose passion for continuous development and innovation never ended. Also present during the school visit were former SK Chair Jane R. Calunsag, Junior Mayor Allen Cruz, SHEEP Computer Literacy E.A. Percy Pasuelo and CEMCDO Staff Darlon.

The breathtaking view and the physical endurance needed to get to the schools were amazing! The team found out that Sir William Moraca's development of the sitio's electricity and water system were a great help to the residents.  Some of the nearby communities in Barangay San Jose does not have an access to electricity and the roads are destroyed during heavy rainfalls.

CM DAC and Kag. Meg Santos and William Moraca with other representatives from the local government.

Sir William Moraca showing his innovative water system

trekking... on our way to the Hot Spring
The physical abilities of Hon. Meg Santos were tested while trekking on their way to one of nature's gifts - the Hot Spring. The experience gave Hon. Meg a sense of happiness in reaching out to far flung communities in her own simple ways. For her, meeting real people from the grass roots is a wonderful experience.

CM DAC in her not so serious look on a Saturday
with Jane Calunsag, Jing Velos, Meg Santos, CM DAC, Mr. Buenavista, Sir William Moraca and Percy Pasuelo
Klolang Primary School powered by a windmill through initiative of Mr. William Moraca and JTF personnel
the crowd drawer - CM Darlene Antonino-Custodio
the school head of Klolang Primary School
The innovation of Sir William wouldn't be possible without the support of the residents of the sitio. Because of the electricity the villagers now light up their lives and the water system helped them sustain. This successful development was through the good partnership of the residents of the barangay, Sir William and representatives from the local government of General Santos.


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