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Legislative Measures

Sponsored Ordinances

1. ORDINANCE 13 series of 2011
 An Ordinance amending Sections 2 and 3 of Ordinance No. 26, series of 2002 better known as an Ordinance Establishing Policies and Guidelines in the Implementation of Awards for Children and Youth Excellence Program (ACYEP).

2. ORDINANCE 01 series of 2011
 An Ordinance Designating the Old City Hall within the Government Center of the City of General Santos as the site of the General Santos City Museum.

3. ORDINANCE 01 series of 2008
 An Ordinance Promulgating Policies and Measures for the Prevention and Control of STI, HIV and AIDS in General Santos City, strengthening the General Santos City STI/HIV and AIDS Committee and Providing Penalties for Violation thereof and for other purposes.

Joint Sponsored Ordinances

1.ORDINANCE 06 series of 2011
 An Ordinance Regulating the Establishment of Billboards, Streamers, Posters, Signs or Signboard Structures, Amending for the Purpose of Certain Provisions of Ordinance No. 01, series of 1996 otherwise known as the General Santos City Revenue Code of 1996, Providing Penalty thereof, and for other purposes.

2.ORDINANCE 05 series of 2010
 An Ordinance Regulating the Passage of Trucks during Peak Hours of School Days at Salvani Street, Barangay City Heights.

3.ORDINANCE 03 series of 2010
 An Ordinance Establishing the Emergency Assistance Program of the City Government of General Santos.

4. ORDINANCE 11 series of 2009
 An Ordinance Amending Certain Provisions of Ordinance No. 08, series of 2009, otherwise known as Gensan Serves.

5. ORDINANCE 08 series of 2009
 An Ordinance Establishing the Gensan Scheme on Early Retirement for Valued Employees Security (Gensan Serves).

6. ORDINANCE 06 series of 2009
 An Ordinance Providing for the Policies, Rules & Regulations in the Installation and Operation of the Traffic Signals, Signs and other Traffic Control Devices in General Santos City, Providing Penalty for Violation therefor and for other purposes.

7. ORDINANCE 03 series of 2009
 An Ordinance Providing for the Creation, Establishment, Operation, Maintenance and Management of a Halal Accredited Abattoir, Exclusive Halal Meat Delivery Van and other Facilities/Amenities for the Promotion and Advancement of the Halal Development Program and to Appropriate Budget therefor.

8. ORDINANCE 02 series of 2009
 An Ordinance Promoting Responsible Pet Ownership in General Santos City, Providing Penalties for Negligent Acts Committed in the Keeping of Pet Animals and for other purposes.

9. ORDINANCE 03 series of 2008
 An Ordinance Authorizing the Increase of Fare of Tricycles-For-Hire in the City of General Santos by One Peso (P1.00) per passenger.

10. ORDINANCE 09 series of 2007
 An Ordinance Enacting the General Santos City Reproductive Health Code.