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Sunday, July 1, 2012

“Outstanding Professional of the Year Award” - Mr. Michael Ang

 Last June 26, 2012 , during the 95th Regular Session of the City Council,  Education Chair, Councilor Ate Meg Santos sponsored a resolution congratulating Architect Michael Ang for grabbing the honor of one of “The Outstanding Professionals of the Year Award”. 

“City Council Salutes Architect Michael Ang “

The award is all about the competency and integrity to the highest degree in exercising individual profession and the participation and contribution it brings to the said profession organization by taking social responsibility through socio-related activities. Architect Michael Ang had been nominated and recommended by his peers in the profession.

Councilor Ate Meg Santos said that “Education is really a tool to be successful in various professions. As education and knowledge cannot be taken by anyone, as it will embodies the whole development of a person. And by Architect Michael Ang taking the “Outstanding Professional of the Year Award”, is a positive affirmation that truly the Generals are taking social responsibilities to a whole new level. “